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A photo that literally describes tonight.

A photo that literally describes tonight.


Wouldn’t God be considered a homewrecker if he impregnated Mary while she was with Joseph?

The other night at the bar, my friend showed me a picture of this guy that was coming to join us.

The guy looked familiar and I realized I’ve received several messages from him on Grindr.

Next thing you know, he arrives at the bar and my friend introduces me to the guy.


Winter Season

We all went out last night after a crazy ass work weekend. Of course, I’m trying to get all close to #workbae. However, he starts acting distant, pushing me away and shit.

I become pissed (EWW.). I literally sat away from the group I was with for a while. He begins texting me, “What’s wrong?” , “Why are you being such a loner, lol? Come back!” I just replied, “I’m good.” I then vented on twitter (EWW.) and eventually left the bar.

I text my friend the next morning, “#workbae pissed me off last night.” (EWW.) He then pretty much tells me to talk to #workbae about it. Let him know that I like him and that I can’t assume anything.

So, I confessed via text (EWW.) to #workbae that I really liked him. I told him I was actually pissed and not “good” last night. I told him that he did things to me that made me think he liked me yet acted so distant. I also said that I may have misread his intentions and got myself too involved.

My phone vibrates. It’s messages from him.

He pretty much says he sees me as a good friend and that he didn’t mean to do anything to make me think there was something between us. He also hoped this wouldn’t hurt our friendship.

It won’t but it’ll be kind of weird now. I’m a little upset at myself for getting this involved though. However, I don’t blame myself for the way I felt ‘cause he really did do things to me that made me think otherwise.

At this point, it’s winter season and I’m not warming up for a while.


Misty Copeland - 1st African American Woman to join American Ballet Theatre

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swankscriptures asks: We kind of look alike. @rayshawnapproves on IG. We clearly go together now

Wait a goddamn minute…and your name consists of “Shawn” which is my name & we’re #teambald…

Jesus take the wheel!!!!!!!

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