Today, a coworker and I were discussing about how we just wanted to drop out of school.

I’ve been contemplating the idea a lot lately.

  • The lectures are boring 95% of the time.
  • I’m tired.
  • I’m uninterested.
  • I don’t care about what’s being discussed.
  • I don’t care.
  • Eww, group projects/assignments.
  • Most importantly, I literally just sit in class and think, “Shit, I could be making money right now.”
  • The previous point.
  • The point above.
  • Get where I’m going here?…

However, I really want a damn degree but I’d rather just work, save & turn up. Repeat. Otherwise, I’m still in school. I’ve been skipping most of my classes, though. I’m going to try and see if doing online classes will destroy any of my afflictions because sitting in a classroom, being bored as hell when I could be working and making money is just…


*uck me lol.



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a stranger that asked for directions...
he: -wraps his arm around mine-
he: -points to my bracelet- is that a watch?
me: no, it's my mom's bracelet.
he: just wear her stuff, huh?
me: no, she passed in december. so, i just wear it in her memory.
he: sorry, I didn't mean that up.
he: my mother passed too. 3 years ago.
he: it never goes away.
me: i'm learning that...
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